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Australia’s Taiwan Visit Sparks Ugly CCP Sabre-Rattling

Australian PM and Chinese President

This month, six members of Australia's federal parliament, composed of both Labor and Coalition members, visited Taiwan. This diplomatic excursion was organised by Liberal politician Scott Buchholz and involved former Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce, as well as Labor MPs Meryl Swanson and Libby Coker. Under intense pressure from the Chinese Communist Party and no doubt advised by the Department...

INTERVIEW: Wincing First-Hand Account of Uyghur Concentration Camp Torture


This isn’t easy to read. Omar Bekali visited Adelaide recently to deliver a series of keynote speeches. At first glance, a man on a speaking tour seems ordinary enough. However, Omar’s story is anything but ordinary. A survivor of the Chinese Communist Party’s Xinjiang Camp, Omar Bekali, 46, presents as a courageous but scarred man with first-hand experience of the Chinese Government’s...

BREAKING: Man Who Chanted “CCP, Step Down”, Arrested and Disappeared!


Brave Chinese citizens have yet again risked imprisonment challenging their country’s regime. They took to the streets to fight the Chinese Communist Party’s prolonged and inhumane lockdown, a policy which caused residents trapped in their high-rise apartment building in Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang, to be burned-alive. In scenes from the security state rarely accessible to the world, Chinese people gathered...

VIDEO: Doing What’s Right!


A timely reminder about what’s at stake in Victoria …

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