The public health industry is a menace and remains a threat to Australia.

It comprises people who believe we all require their guidance because, unlike them, we are incapable of making the right choices for ourselves. We must be nudged, cajoled, taxed, and supervised to ensure we get it right. And if that doesn’t work, compelled by force of law.

The Covid pandemic exposed this in stark terms. The authoritarian wave that engulfed us, while mostly authorised by spineless politicians, originated from the public health people behind them. And in almost every case, they got it profoundly wrong.

The result was countless businesses failed, careers ruined, relationships destroyed, and education missed, with worse health outcomes than Sweden. Even the current inflation is primarily a consequence of propping up the economy with borrowed money whilst “flattening the curve”.

In terms of sheer ineptitude, it is difficult to go past the Chief Medical Officers (CMOs) in the states and Commonwealth. Paraded as experts and fawned on by the media, they proved to be foolish control freaks.

CMOs ought to be expert at public health, since their focus is on the health of everyone rather than individual patients, and up-to-date with both the scientific literature and international developments. While not necessarily researchers or experts themselves, they should be well aware of who the researchers and experts are and how to contact them.

Yet repeatedly, the policies they recommended and endorsed were contrary to science, to experience, or both. 

It started on day one. Australia’s rational and proportionate pandemic plan was simply abandoned in favour of China’s panicked lockdown model.

Covid-19 is a respiratory corona virus, a well-studied category. It was well known that these viruses are highly vulnerable to sunlight and short-lived outside the body, relying on person-to-person transmission. Outdoor transmission was never likely, yet beaches and parks were closed, and gatherings prohibited. As for indoor spread, what was all that “deep cleaning” about? And why is ventilation only being mentioned now?  It’s a no-brainer in the veterinary world.  

Once it was obvious that only the elderly were in danger, it was unconscionable to maintain the pretence that everyone else was. Children were never at risk, except from vaccine side effects, yet schools were closed and parents terrorised.

In early 2021 when, contrary to expectations, it became apparent the Covid vaccines did not prevent either transmission or infection, the campaign to vaccinate everyone should have ceased. A statement from a CMO that the unvaccinated presented no danger to anybody else would have ended it.  Yet vaccination certificates acquired the status of internal passports in the Soviet Union, and countless people lost their jobs for refusing to be vaccinated.

Ivermectin was being used to treat cases in multiple other countries with clear evidence of its value, yet it was banned from therapeutic use in Australia. How many lives might have been saved if CMOs had learned from what was happening overseas?   

From the very beginning, the CMOs knew masks were useless at stopping respiratory viruses. Even Anthony Fauci, Chief Medical Adviser to the US President, said as much.  Yet despite zero data to prompt a change, they somehow became a symbol of compliance; a sign that we were worshipping at the Covid altar. Even now there are poor neurotic souls who continue to wear them (and even some medical facilities that still require them.) The CMOs simply allowed the stupidity to continue.

Their advice was at times foolish, even idiotic. The Chief Medical Officer in South Australia, for example, told spectators at a football match to avoid touching the ball. And South Australia was put into lockdown based on a rumour that a man had contracted Covid from a pizza box.

South Australia’s Chief Medical Officer, Professor Nicola Spurrier

The Covid panic might be over, but the public health industry remains unscathed. The bureaucrat behind Melbourne becoming the world’s most locked down city, where playgrounds were closed and fishing banned, curfews imposed and all manner of other idiocy imposed, was made Victorian Of The Year despite his state recording the highest Covid death rate in Australia. In Queensland, where closing the border with NSW caused enormous suffering, the CMO was promoted to governor.

Much of the harm resulting from the Covid control measures could have been minimised, if not avoided entirely, if the CMOs had stuck to the science. Even if they had thought they were doing the right thing, they could have published their advice to governments so that others with relevant expertise could comment. Of all the CMOs, only Nick Coatsworth has showed any signs of regret.   

It is only a matter of time before we are again subjected to their mindset. Even if there are no more pandemics, they will continue to impose their views on issues like smoking, alcohol, sugar and obesity.

The public health industry perpetually worries that we might enjoy ourselves in an unapproved manner. Having succeeded far beyond their expectations with Covid, they remain a clear and present danger to society.

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  1. Great Article David! Unfortunately COvid was only the beginning,labor has already launched another attack on smokers and no doubt as you say drinkers, chocolat lovers and as yet undiagnosed others will be attacked in the near future. The interventions by the health commisars and the legions of health apparatchiks are carefully managed and part of a state machnery of manipulation derived from behavioural economics. The success of COVID where liberties going back to Magna Carta were denied will embolden more dramatic interventions in the future.

  2. It is still hard to believe that all of this happened. Particularly living through it in Melbourne. Even if they were to admit that they got it so wrong, the damage is done and they would likely repeat the same idiotic, inhumane treatment of people all over again. Many intelligent people including prominent doctors spoke out against this and were banned or shadow banned on social media. You’re correct Nick Coatsworth did seem to have regrets and started talking common sense and was then attacked for it.

  3. They are absolutely out of control. The insanity, authoritarian impulses and political motivations run VERY deep. As just one small example prior to covid, several years ago the health bureaucrats ordered GP’s to immediately discontinue the treatment of their patients whose health was dependant on prescribed testosterone. A Urologist or Endocrinologist had to reconfirm the patient’s requirement of testosterone. However, this was after the Essendon Football Club peptide hormone fiasco (which had nothing to do with testosterone), and the health bureaucrats had been on a silent witch-hunt for any doctors involved in anti-aging medicine. They restricted and deregistered dozens of doctors, typically for administrative errors. After this, even Endocrinologists in Australia would rather prescribe SSRI’s and Viagra to males with low testosterone than prescribe testosterone. This extreme political hostility to the prescription of testosterone lasted until the recent Neo-Transgender movement blew up. Now women in Aus are being prescribed testosterone so aggressively that the Queensland Health Dept reportedly blew its budget by 500% (a few years ago). Yet men with low testosterone are refused the same simple, essential, effective treatment, and forced to suffer depression, chronic lethargy, sexual dysfunction, insulin resistance, sarcopenia, accelerated heart disease etc. This is all because of the arrogance, corruption and political whims of the same health bureaucrats who happily destroyed the businesses, childhood, happiness, lives and liberty of Australian’s in the name of a weak flu.

    • Good example Damon.
      i met those bureaucrats during Senate Estimates. They are every bit as bad as you say.

  4. The chief medical officers were not original, they were reading from the same script provided by the WHO. The words and phrases might have differed from country to country, but the intent was the same. Comply or else. The incompetents then get promoted to another level of incompetence, e.g. in Qld. CMO promoted to state Lt. Governor.


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