libertarian freedom

The libertarian and classical liberal believes in you, your uniqueness and your inherent worth as an individual. So we respect your endowed-rights to life, liberty and property, to matters of conscience, privacy and protections under the rule of law. Because we believe your opportunity to flourish and prosper is maximised when you are free from coercion to live and let live without harming another, we believe your freedom is most likely when government is small.

So, to counter the emboldened collectivists in our society, we have assembled Australia and New Zealand’s leading minds to champion you, the individual. The electrifying new politics we articulate side-steps the old Left-Right divide and emphasises fresh perspectives oriented to your financial freedom and personal liberty. When your freedoms are challenged, we alert you. And when government wastes your taxes, we sound the alarm. If coercion dares loom, we warn you.

Liberty Itch offers fearless, battle-tested, libertarian ideas.

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libertarian writers

Bob Day AO

Strategy & Planning Advisor
Peter Leech

David Leyonhjelm

Curation Designer
Vikas Sharma

Simon Anderson
Dimitri Burshtein
Bob Day AO
Jordan Dittloff
Damon Hayhow
James Hol
Gerardine Hoogland
Dr Gary Johns
David Leyonhjelm
Lionel Orellana
Maxim Payne
Nicholas Samios
Duncan Spender
Jaimie Stevenson
Kenelm Tonkin
Warren Wang
Caroline White
Meaghan Whyte