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The Government recently released its exposure draft of the Communications Legislation Amendment (Misinformation and Disinformation) Bill 2023. It is just as Orwellian as it sounds – if not more. The Bill empowers the even more Orwellian-sounding Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) to not only engage in fascistic partnerships with social media giants, but to impose industry-wide standards and codes...

Laughing In The Face of Tyranny, $1 Million Bounty On Their Heads


Imagine you lived in Australia and enjoyed a great life. Then the government became tyrannical, you protested for democracy, but an anti-democratic security law was passed and you were intimidated and arrested. Released, you fled to New Zealand and were granted a visa there. But the Australian Federal Police placed a bounty on your head of $A190,202 (US$127,728) and...

The Iron Curtain Draws Across The West


The Iron Curtain referred to the boundary separating the Soviet Union and some European countries from the Western world. It became not just of a physical border but a symbol of the ideological distinction between communism and liberal democracy. As is well known, the Soviet regime was authoritarian and repressed individual freedoms such as freedom of speech, freedom of assembly...

INTERVIEW: The CCP imprisoned him. She got him out!


If you listen to rare public forays by senior members of the security establishment, the spies and their agencies, we in the West are under threat from several fronts. Looming front and centre, they say, is an expansionary Chinese Communist Party. To be clear, Liberty Itch has no quarrel with the Chinese people. However, Liberty Itch is sceptical of government of...

VIDEO: Doing What’s Right!


A timely reminder about what’s at stake in Victoria …

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