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For context, play from 8:30 min.

Senator Ralph Babet tells ABC that the minor centre-right parties will win senate positions at scale and form a bloc if they form a coalition.

Senator Ralph Babet, United Australia Party, Victoria.

Current discussions began after the 2022 Federal election between the writer, Liberty Itch’s Publisher, and Australian Family Party Federal Director, former Senator Bob Day.

What followed was an openness to negotiate by South Australian Liberal Democrats President, James Hol in this piece:

The F-Word

Thereafter, Bob Day penned a 4 part-series for Liberty Itch as follows:

The Shrinking Forest

‘All Great Change Begins at the Dinner Table’

How Christianity Informs Classical Liberalism

CORRECTION: A Centre-Right National Strategy

Liberty Itch then contacted the South Australian State Director of the United Australia Party, Michael Arbon, as well as South Australian One Nation Leader, Jennifer Game, for comment and input.

In short, former Senator Bob Day’s strategy culminates in the article below, a summary of which is:

  • a coalition between One Nation, the United Australia Party, the Liberal DemocratsChristian family parties, and the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party;
  • This coalition be a long-term proposition, at the very least over two electoral cycles – the 2025 and 2028 Federal Elections – to act as a counter-balance to the Greens and the negative influence it is having on the political landscape;
  • The Parties run on unified group tickets like the Liberals and Nationals do, to eliminate the issue experienced across the centre-right minor parties of preference leakage;
  • That we aim to achieve six quotas in 2025 and another six in 2028, to create a formible voting bloc of 12 in the Senate;
  • The Parties negotiate which will lead each state ticket for the Senate and therefore be in the running for achieving a quota;
  • On the basis of most recent performances, the number of #1 ballot slots be allocated as follows:
    • One Nation: 4 out of 12 (Currently 2)
    • United Australia Party: 3 out of 12 (Currently 1)
    • Liberal Democrats: 2 out of 12 (Currently 0)
    • Christian family parties: 2 out of 12 (Currently 0)
    • Shooters, Fishers & Farmers: 1 out of 12 (Currently 0).

Eye On The Prize

The National Executive of the Liberal Democrats then formally replied through their National Secretary, here:

A Reply to “Centre-Right National Strategy”

Yesterday, Liberty Itch contacted National President of Family First, Tom Kenyon, for participation and we await his reply.

Senator Babet’s advocacy on ABC tonight for a Centre-Right Coalition speaks volumes for the cause.

More to come.

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