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China 2024 and Beyond: A Troubled Future


My recent discussions on Liberty Itch have painted a picture of China’s landscape as a prison-like surveillance-intensive system, and as a no-privacy technology-driven cashless society. In this article, I want to further explore the future of China as we look towards 2024 and beyond. I will examine the implications of China’s expanding surveillance state, the tightening grip of authoritarian...

Victoria: The Nanny State


*** Publisher's Note: this article was written before the resignation of Victorian Premier, Dan Andrews *** Victoria is a Nanny State on steroids. Dan Andrews’ Labor government’s shenanigans are impossible to avoid, beginning every morning when you get in the car to drive to work. It’s like living in a video game that you have no chance of winning, that...

The Right To Keep and Bear Cash


A libertarian friend called me at 6.30am last Tuesday whist I was riding the train to work. “How do you start a community bank?” he asked. My friend lives in rural NSW and as they say in the country, he is “jack” of the major banks.  “The banks are closing one after the other and the ATMs are disappearing too....

INTERVIEW: Former Chinese Diplomat Embraces Liberty


Since a new Labor government in Australia was elected in 2022, there has been a warming trend in Australia-China relations. Our ministers are back engaging with Beijing officials and trips to China by our elected leaders are resuming. The CCP influence whistleblower, Sydney based former Chinese diplomat Mr Yonglin Chen, who defected to Australia in 2005, issued a warning many...

The Iron Curtain Draws Across The West


The Iron Curtain referred to the boundary separating the Soviet Union and some European countries from the Western world. It became not just of a physical border but a symbol of the ideological distinction between communism and liberal democracy. As is well known, the Soviet regime was authoritarian and repressed individual freedoms such as freedom of speech, freedom of assembly...

BREAKING: Man Who Chanted “CCP, Step Down”, Arrested and Disappeared!


Brave Chinese citizens have yet again risked imprisonment challenging their country’s regime. They took to the streets to fight the Chinese Communist Party’s prolonged and inhumane lockdown, a policy which caused residents trapped in their high-rise apartment building in Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang, to be burned-alive. In scenes from the security state rarely accessible to the world, Chinese people gathered...

VIDEO: Doing What’s Right!


A timely reminder about what’s at stake in Victoria …

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