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Let’s Make Government Redundant. Here’s How.

Home Schooling

MAKING GOVERNMENT REDUNDANT Here at Liberty Itch, we love practical initiatives which undermine the need for government. Afterall, if we’re constantly fighting government bloat within the bureaucracy, we’re probably going to lose. There are too many Sir Humphrey Appleby’s around, right? So, if the battle is about making government smaller, let’s withdraw from its services. Let’s make government redundant. Here’s how. Home-schooling! Let’s step through the...

You’re The Voice


In a quiet moment today or even right now if that’s possible, read the lyrics below whilst watching this clip … and tell me this doesn’t make you more determined politically. “We're not gonna sit in silence, We're not gonna live with fear” could well apply to the last two and a half years. So, are you going to “Make...

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