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Libertarian, Go To Church This Christmas


But where were you last Sunday morning? It is the festive season. You are annoyed every time someone wishes you “happy holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas”.  You are a libertarian who wants to save Christendom, but where were you last Sunday morning? Personal salvation aside, there are a number of compelling reasons for spending your Sunday mornings in the pews.  I...

Humility At The End of The Rainbow


Since the middle of 2020, while everyone was busy with pandemic matters, the ACT, Queensland, and Victorian governments passed laws to ban the practice of “conversion therapy”. Victoria’s Change or Suppression (Conversion) Practices Prohibition Act 2021 is the most comprehensive of these. These laws have been lauded as important steps in protecting the freedom of LGBTQI+ Australians. Other states will inevitably follow...

The Iron Curtain Draws Across The West


The Iron Curtain referred to the boundary separating the Soviet Union and some European countries from the Western world. It became not just of a physical border but a symbol of the ideological distinction between communism and liberal democracy. As is well known, the Soviet regime was authoritarian and repressed individual freedoms such as freedom of speech, freedom of assembly...

GRAPHIC: Live, fatal organ extraction exposed


Prepare yourself. This interview is hard for sun-soaked Australians to comprehend. It’s a topic most of our politicians avoid. It’s too troubling. It opens a Pandora’s Box of questions, about humanity, ethics, complex interconnections, human rights, our future, and sickening expediency beyond our imagination. So, before the interview, Liberty Itch will step you through a quick, summarising primer. There is credible evidence that Australia’s #1...

Let’s Make Government Redundant. Here’s How.

Home Schooling

MAKING GOVERNMENT REDUNDANT Here at Liberty Itch, we love practical initiatives which undermine the need for government. Afterall, if we’re constantly fighting government bloat within the bureaucracy, we’re probably going to lose. There are too many Sir Humphrey Appleby’s around, right? So, if the battle is about making government smaller, let’s withdraw from its services. Let’s make government redundant. Here’s how. Home-schooling! Let’s step through the...

Stunning Early Victorian Election Prediction

Matthew Guy

To be clear, I don’t know who’s going to win the Victorian election later tonight, 26 November 2022. How can I or any of us? However, I’m going to make a prediction as I write this at 3:20pm ACDT 26 November 2022, and have the prediction published just minutes before the polls have closed so you know I’ve not had any...

VIDEO: Doing What’s Right!


A timely reminder about what’s at stake in Victoria …

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By crikey, I’m a little bothered we’re always at sea politically. The Left is pounding us with wave after relentless policy wave. The Liberal Party has...