With which do you agree or disagree?


  1. Habeas corpus will not be restored in Australia.
  1. The Australian Federal Budget will be in deficit and expenditure will increase on the previous year.


  1. There will be at least 7 tropical cyclones or severe tropical cyclones in Australia.


  1. Woolworths’ revenue will be lower in the March 2024 quarter than in the March 2023 quarter.


  1. There will be 10 or less global cases of wild polio.
  1. For the first time, 33% or more of the Australian population will be obese.


  1. The sale of sex dolls will increase in Australia.
  1. In at least one month during 2024, social media platform X will attract more than 450 million monthly users.
  1. Mount Barker SA will have a larger population than Busselton WA, Orange NSW, Bowral NSW, Dubbo NSW, Nowra NSW or Bathurst NSW.
  1. At least 25% of Australians will attend church monthly.
  1. Less than 50% of Australians will use TV as their source of news.
  1. Pet ownership in Australia will grow to more than 70% of all households.


  1. Space X’s Starship will successfully reach orbit. 


  1. The number of new incorporations will decrease in Australia from the previous year.
  1. Cash transactions will decrease below 17% of total transactions.
  1. Australian coal exports will increase from last year.


  1. The ALP-Greens Coalition will be returned to government in the ACT General Election.
  1. The Country Liberal Party will win the Northern Territory General Election.
  1. The Liberal-National Party will win the Queensland State Election.
  1. Barring court-affirmed election fraud, a diagnosis of ill-health, imprisonment or assassination, Donald Trump will win the US Presidency.


  1. In 2024, China will neither invade Taiwan by land nor impose a naval blockade.
  1. The United Nations General Assembly will pass at least three resolutions concerning Israel and Australia will vote with the United States.
  1. There will be no resolution of the conflict in Ukraine.
  1. At least two international borders will change.


  1. At least two of the following people will die: Ray Lawler, Sophia Loren, Julian Assange, Patricia Routledge, Tom Hughes, Jimmy Carter, Mike Carlton.

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