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The University Trap


As the university semester begins and students head back to classes for another year, it is worth examining the troubling history and reality of Western higher education. THE INCOME CEILING It is widely acknowledged that without a university education the ability to earn an income can be limited. While trades, vocational institutions and technical colleges do present lucrative opportunities, achieving a...

University River


In William Blake’s hymn Jerusalem, the phrase ‘those dark Satanic mills’ was assumed to refer to the cotton and woollen mills of his time and their terrible working conditions.   Based on the date of the hymn and Blake’s religious background, many question whether he was referring to the Dickensian factories and cotton mills at all, but rather to the universities...

Capturing The Glory Undeservedly


Somehow, the West has gotten into a real twist about identity, especially that of minorities. In the name of justice for minorities, identity is being used to undermine equality and liberty. Minority group identity has become a weapon to be wielded against the alleged privileges of the majority. The result is that common humanity and individual freedoms are being...

14 Crackerjack Ideas To Revivify Education


It’s no secret our education system is one of many government institutions at breaking point. Our children are the ones who are suffering with student academic results showing a steady decline and an increase in youth mental health presentations. Staffing shortages and unprecedented violent attacks are at the forefront of the crisis.   I have worked in the system implementing my performing...

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Closing The Gap One Child At A Time

So Stan Grant wants to prance around like a prize git and pretend he is an oppressed man. Give me a break. Grant is...