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It Takes Two To Tango

Jim Chalmers

Australia’s centrally planned economy is failing - intergenerational wealth gaps are widening, economic prospects are waning, and the side effects from the Reserve Bank’s (RBA) medicine are becoming worse than the disease.  Inflation is a scourge, insidiously stealing wealth from those least able to protect themselves, and it benefits the least needy.  We hear all sorts of explanations as to why...

Anti-Nuclear Policy Is A Tax On The Poor


Some Facts In 2022, the Brotherhood of St Laurence released “Power pain: An Investigation of Energy Stress in Australia”. It found:  2006 to 2020: Approximately 20% of Australian households experienced energy stress. Energy stress is much higher in specific groups such as people with a chronic health issue or disability, renters, low-income workers and people on unemployment benefits In the lowest 20% income...

SENATE LIVE: Nuclear energy debate from the Senate floor now …


LIVE DEBATE Live now from the Senate floor, Senator Ralph Babet (UAP, Vic) raises ‘matter of interest’ … removal of Australia’s prohibition on nuclear electricity generation. The Senator in full flight. An historic speech. Watch live now … HISTORY Nuclear energy prohibition started to emerge as a possibility in the old Hawke, Nuclear Disarmament Party days in the 1980s. However, the nuclear energy prohibition...

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