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Melbourne Man Charged With Foreign Interference Offence


The phrase 'foreign interference' often brings to mind the covert meddling into Australian affairs by the Chinese and Russian governments, both the foes of democracy.  It’s fascinating to observe Australian politicians and the public's attitude towards Russia and China. We are quick to reprimand Russia for its involvement in the Ukrainian conflict, yet our knees wobble when it comes to...

WA Liberal Leader Scurries Out The Back Exit


It’s Lunar New Year this week. The term Lunar New Year is more accurate than Chinese New Year. The spring festival is not exclusively Chinese but celebrated throughout China, Hong Kong, Tibet, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and, yes, here in Australia among communities sharing this heritage. Liberty Itch strives for accuracy, an appreciation of all cultures which observe...

FREEDOM! The Daughter of Davos Resigns.


Two extraordinary things happened yesterday. First, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced her resignation effective, at the latest, early in February 2023. (Yes, New Zealanders need to endure her for a few weeks more!) Second, I put out this short tweet yesterday together with a video of the Prime Minister, and it went viral. In a mere 180 minutes, it...

BREAKING: Violent CCP thug convicted in NSW

Ted Hui

This week, a pro-Beijing self-described ‘spontaneous patriot’ was successfully convicted in a Sydney court of criminal intimidation. Last August 2022, prominent pro-democracy activist and former Hong-Kong Legislative Councillor, Ted Hui, suffered a politically driven assault and intimidation in Sydney. Chinese Communist Party supporter, Billy Kwok, influenced by the Chinese government’s propagandist apps WeChat and Weibo, was not happy with Mr. Hui’s...

China’s Covert Australian Ops


The Chinese Communist Party’s public diplomacy programs in Australia look innocent enough. From the delightful Wang Wang and Funi Event at the Adelaide Zoo, to the partially CCP-subsidised OzAsia Festival, from the more recent Chinese Music Performance at the Adelaide Town Hall to the 'Chinese Singing Competition' held at a South Australian university campus. Chinese culture is on display. This is...

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