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Introducing Liberty Itch

If you have an itch for freedom, you'll love Liberty Itch's fearless, battle-tested, libertarian ideas


If you’re like me, you have an itch for liberty and need to scratch.

You and I can’t help it. There’s no point trying to fight it. The urge is persistent and requires attention.

We’re both hard-wired to be concerned citizens in this crazy world.

“Concerned” is a relevant word here.

So is “crazy.”

It seems as if so much is amiss.

Let’s start with the economy. How about that inflation? And what about these supply chain issues choking-off businesses right now? Where do we start with all that government waste?

We are right to be concerned. Perhaps we’ll break out in hives.

And what about our personal freedoms? Digital surveillance, bank transaction spying, job losses just because you’re hesitant taking a vaccine?


There’s never been a more important time to be a libertarian. I don’t know about you but I feel like government is all too pervasive in our lives and, when you look closely at their effectiveness, you have to laugh. Or cry. Depends on the circumstances.

I have to scratch a liberty itch of a very specific kind. I want government much smaller than it is now. I shudder at government expenditure as a percentage of GDP. I’m deeply concerned by the trend of that statistic. It’s worrying. And I’m deeply concerned about government overreach into our private lives. It’s one push after another. It’s relentless.

And I want it to stop.

Kenelm Tonkin
Kenelm Tonkin

So I’m going to write this newsletter until I die, or until I’m permanently incapacitated, or until government is dispatched to the place where it should be: small and unobtrusive.

I hope option one is a long way off and that two never happens. But until either of those two things happen, I’ll be scratching away for liberty here with mind and keyboard.

I’d feel less alone if you subscribed and encouraged your friends to do the same.

I think we should band together.

Welcome to Liberty Itch.

Thank you for your support. To help us in our battle to protect liberty and freedom please click here


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