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The Farce of NZ Ministry of Health Data Leak


Dealing With A Number of Organisations Concerning These Data For More Than A Year. Several days ago Database Administrator Barry Young emerged as the Ministry of Health whistleblower. Mr Young had appropriated more than a terabyte of Covid vaccine data and released it to selected contacts in the vaccine sceptical community within New Zealand and overseas. The data was presented...

The Covid Precursor Everybody Ignored


You May Be Shocked To Learn This Imagine the Australian government weaponising an engineered health crisis to rob citizens of their freedoms and destroy businesses. Then imagine the public fully supporting the government’s grotesque overreach, parroting the government’s pseudoscientific propaganda and even pimping the dubious chemical cocktail disingenuously offered to solve the crisis by the same people who sponsored it. You...

Death, Taxes and … Death Taxes?


“We know that there is a growing pot of wealth, sitting in the hands of older Australians that will be passed on in coming decades.” Gosh, that sounds juicy. What government could refuse the temptation to take a slice of that pie?   However, that sentiment speaks to the fundamental flaw in the approach of our policy makers towards balancing our books...

Retaining The Bargaining Chip of Indemnities For Vaccine Companies


Should we legislate to stop a government offering indemnities to vaccine manufacturers? This was a matter which came before the Senate last week in a private members bill. Some of the reasons given for the Bill were: “Companies work for shareholders first and it is profits that motivate their decision and actions. People should always be put before profits”; “Indemnification has created an...

Taxing The Country Into Welfare And Disability


"We contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperityis like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle.It is impossible."  Those were not the words of an Australian Commonwealth Treasurer but rather of Winston Churchill addressing the House of Commons in 1925 arguing against a proposed increase in taxes. Almost...

The Immorality of Medicare


In May of 1973, a year before the first incarnation of Medicare became law, the Australian Medical Association sent a letter to its members warning about the dangers of socialised medicine. They were concerned about the “interference by governments in the relationship between doctor and patient" and highlighted key freedoms that they said should be protected: No barrier separating the patient...

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