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The Everyday Libertarian


In today's politically charged atmosphere, evangelical libertarians often stray into polarising debates around topics like firearms or drug legalisation. Is there a subtler, more effective approach?   I suggest the “everyday libertarian mindset”. It involves reframing common complaints and concerns through the lens of smaller government and individual liberty. I often hear myself responding to complaints about government by saying “that’s why...

25 Provocative Predictions For 2024


With which do you agree or disagree? GOVERNMENT OVERREACH Habeas corpus will not be restored in Australia. The Australian Federal Budget will be in deficit and expenditure will increase on the previous year. ENVIRONMENT There will be at least 7 tropical cyclones or severe tropical cyclones in Australia. STOCK MARKET Woolworths’ revenue will be lower in the March 2024 quarter than in the March 2023 quarter. HEALTH There...

E-Scooters: A Two Wheeled Burden?


Since approximately 2016 there has been a rapid increase in personal and for-hire electric scooters (e-scooters) in cities around the world. Over 600 cities now have e-scooter for-hire services and, globally, the electric scooter market is valued at more than AUD $49 billion and growing at 10% per year. In Australia, there was an 800% increase in e-scooters from...

Go Where You Are Treated Best


‘Go where you are treated best’ is the tagline of entrepreneur, Andrew Henderson, founder of the business Nomad Capitalist. Andrew and his team help entrepreneurs, retirees and others move their lives out of countries like Australia to countries where they will be treated best. It is a business that has being growing exponentially in recent years. When I first heard...

Polite Inquiries


Nothing short of a full Royal Commission into the nationwide pandemic response will be satisfactory given the scale of government intervention, the hurt caused, and the economic and social legacy it has left on Australia. One of the many well-known rules of politics is that one only calls an inquiry when one is already sure of what it will find....

Australia No Longer Has Informed Consent For Medical Procedures


As the Publisher of Liberty Itch, I receive six industry briefings, exposes or whistleblower tips weekly. Some are anonymous, others with a name. Most don’t advance the debate on public issues. Recently though, I spoke with a doctor, frustrated at the way government has ruined a once proud and independent profession. His firm conclusion: informed consent, the underlying component for any doctor-patient...

The Farce of NZ Ministry of Health Data Leak


Dealing With A Number of Organisations Concerning These Data For More Than A Year. Several days ago Database Administrator Barry Young emerged as the Ministry of Health whistleblower. Mr Young had appropriated more than a terabyte of Covid vaccine data and released it to selected contacts in the vaccine sceptical community within New Zealand and overseas. The data was presented...

The Covid Precursor Everybody Ignored


You May Be Shocked To Learn This Imagine the Australian government weaponising an engineered health crisis to rob citizens of their freedoms and destroy businesses. Then imagine the public fully supporting the government’s grotesque overreach, parroting the government’s pseudoscientific propaganda and even pimping the dubious chemical cocktail disingenuously offered to solve the crisis by the same people who sponsored it. You...

Death, Taxes and … Death Taxes?


“We know that there is a growing pot of wealth, sitting in the hands of older Australians that will be passed on in coming decades.” Gosh, that sounds juicy. What government could refuse the temptation to take a slice of that pie?   However, that sentiment speaks to the fundamental flaw in the approach of our policy makers towards balancing our books...

Retaining The Bargaining Chip of Indemnities For Vaccine Companies


Should we legislate to stop a government offering indemnities to vaccine manufacturers? This was a matter which came before the Senate last week in a private members bill. Some of the reasons given for the Bill were: “Companies work for shareholders first and it is profits that motivate their decision and actions. People should always be put before profits”; “Indemnification has created an...

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