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The Terminator Would Kill Your Freedom

... but don't worry. He won't be back!


Covid is still with us.

So is the propaganda and freedom-busting laws which have accompanied it.

Thankfully now, the hysteria seems to be dissipating and we should all feel more comfortable pushing back. The laws which are eroding our civil liberties? Removing them will take years.

In light of Pfizer executive Janine Small’s admission to the the European Parliament that their covid vaccine does not stop transmission, government policies around the world which sought to deny the vaccine-hesitant their basic human rights are now discredited.

The media, which relentlessly proselytised ‘the vaccine stops the spread’ and ‘you are selfish if you don’t take the vaccine’ in order to retain their broadcasting licences, revealed just how inadequate they are as a bulwark against government overreach.

So much for our Fourth Estate!

Both government and media co-opted celebrity too in their efforts to control. Sometimes the mouthpieces were celebrities who even previously held high office.

Take this clip doing the rounds on social media …

“The only way we prevent this is to get vaccinated” was wrong, says Pfizer itself.

And the “Screw your freedom!”, from a former Republican no less, is chilling.

Sometimes it takes years before the present catches up to history, proving past events and decisions wrong.

In Arnold Schwarzenegger’s case, mere months.

Well may the Terminator have said “I’ll be back.”

Given Mr. Schwarzenegger’s visceral “screw your freedom” remark, let’s hope at least he never again returns to the public square, especially when mouthing government and media propaganda now discredited by the very manufacturer of covid vaccines.

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