Recently I attended the Australian Medical Professional Society’s Curing the Corruption of Medicine event in Melbourne. The keynote speaker was British cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra.  

Double vaccinated with Pfizer, Dr Malhotra initially supported the vaccine rollout and encouraged the vulnerable to take the injection on national TV in January of 2021.  

His stance soon changed when, amongst other concerning research and reports, his father, also double vaccinated, died suddenly of a heart attack. With a strong understanding of his medical history and current health condition, Dr Malhotra couldn’t comprehend how his father’s coronary arteries were shown in the autopsy to have narrowed so quickly. 

After some of the world’s top scientists published an independent reanalysis of the original Pfizer and Moderna clinical trial data, which found that patients are more likely to suffer serious harm from the vaccine including hospitalisation, disability or a life changing event than what they are to be hospitalised from Covid, he now believes ”these (mRNA) vaccinations should never have been approved for use in a single human”, and is calling for their suspension. 

Governments across Australia have spent hundreds of millions of dollars frightening the pants off our population, promoting and enforcing Covid 19 vaccinations with no end in sight. Despite AstraZeneca having been quietly pulled from the shelves earlier this year and ATAGI no longer recommending Covid 19 vaccines for healthy under 65-year-olds, the government is still relentlessly promoting vaccination to young, fit, healthy adults. There are taxpayer funded, daily reminders to get your jab on TV commercials, Youtube ads, and road signs on main arterials – nearly two and a half years on.

There is just no reprieve from the Covid mania.

Covid 19 mandates ravaged the foundations of the medical industry. I had a local GP tell me they were making a mockery of his profession. Informed consent ceased to exist with a paternalistic approach as patients were coerced into a medical procedure without being informed of potential risks or able to make a decision based on their individual circumstances. Bodily autonomy and medical privacy were disregarded and doctors who dared to raise concerns were threatened with deregistration.

Robust discussion was censored as the government intruded into the doctor patient relationship. We were even denied basic health benefits such as vitamin D due to government restrictions that had us locked in our houses for 23 hours a day. Any ounce of trust I had left for Big Pharma and the government has been completely eroded as a consequence. 

During Dr Malholtra’s nearly one-and-a-half-hour-long talk, he outlined policy making as a main factor in improving the current state of play. You know we have a serious problem when even the wokest journalist from The Age (who felt virtuous getting his 5th booster) is questioning why government policy sees Covid 19 vaccines given away to young people at the expense of the taxpayer. 

The idea of the government staying out of people’s medical decisions is rooted in the concept of individual liberty. Here are my policy ideas for reform –  

Whistle blower protection for the healthcare industry. Doctors should be able to speak up without fear of losing their job. 

Stop Covid 19 vaccine and mRNA manufacturing subsidies. All over the world highly vaccinated countries are recording uncommonly high excess deaths. Dr Malhotra is of the opinion, and the data suggests, that Covid 19 vaccines have a role to play. Pending further investigation, the mRNA vaccines should be suspended. The government should also stop subsidising mRNA manufacturing. 

Ban taxpayer funded spend on advertising pharmaceutical products. If Big Pharma wants to make a profit by selling products that are not properly tested, surely they can afford to pay for their own promotions. 

Remove remaining mandates & get our unvaccinated workers back in the work force immediately. With the current staff shortages, particularly in healthcare, it’s unconscionable that unvaccinated workers, police officers and firefighters are unable to work, with compliance still taking precedence over the safety of our community. 

Big Pharma companies fund compensation schemes, not the Australian taxpayer. It’s absolutely ludicrous that Australian taxpayers are footing the bill for damage and deaths caused by pharmaceutical companies. 

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  1. Caroline, thank you for this well-written article. While I do not oppose a person’s decision to be vaccinated, I am strongly opposed to mandates, compulsion, or any insinuation that a person who chooses not to receive a vaccine poses a risk to public health.

    People were bullied by state premiers, particularly in Victoria, where ‘that man’ spoke to a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” Over the weekend, I strolled by many cafes and restaurants that rejected access to long-term customers based on requirements imposed by the government and the police, despite the fact that no medical or scientific research to support such a decision was ever made public and subject to review.

    Then there are the pharmaceutical firms that profited handsomely from this nonsense. I place the obligation squarely on the Australian federal and state legislatures. It was the Federal Government that shielded pharmaceutical firms from legal action, and it was the former Prime Minister, with the support of the opposition, who proudly stated that there were no vaccine mandates in place other than for necessary medical services. Former PM Scott Morrison sat on the fence while Victorians were being shot at, bashed, pepper sprayed, and arrested and jailed for defending their right to be vaccine-free and work, go to school, visit sick parents, attend weddings and funerals, or meet up with friends at a local cafe or restaurant.

    Then there was the media. They stood by in their secure posts, allowing the mayhem to continue while failing to hold the federal and state governments, their CHOs, and Health Ministers accountable. MSN, in my opinion, was complicit with the government’s vaccine objective and failed to maintain arms length independence.

    I support your solutions and would go even further, invoking our rights under the Australian Constitution and the Federal Health Act to protect Australians who wish to opt out of a vaccine, as well as prohibiting bodies like the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) from imposing sanctions on medical practitioners, nurses, hospitals, and support staff who choose to advise patients in the best interests of the patient.


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