The Workplace Health and Safety Bill was being debated at 12:30pm today and a coordinated insurgency was executed to amend the Bill to ensure covid vaccine mandates were impermissible.

Leading the fight were Senators Ralph Babet (UAP, Vic), Gerard Rennick (LNP, Qld), Matt Canavan (LNP, Qld), Malcolm Roberts (ON, Qld) and Alex Antic (Lib, SA).

Labor, the Greens and all but three of the Liberal-National Coalition voted in unison to allow covid mandates to continue. The vote for the amendment was Ayes 5 and No’s 31.

We understand Pauline Hanson (ON, Qld) was absent.

Here’s a video summary published from Senator Babet’s office.

Call those senators in your state who blocked the amendment. Express your displeasure.


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