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Understanding The Australian Greens


How do the Australian Greens typically campaign for seats? A. “For a caring society” and “people before profits”B. “Higher wages and short hours” and “Ban the Melbourne Cup”C. “Make landlords freeze rents” and “Force slumlords to make housingliveable”D. “AUKUS puts a target on our back with China” and “Lets downgrade ADFto peacekeeper status”E. All of the above How do the Australian Greens typically reply to a budget? A. "What’s...

12 Visionary Reasons To Just Embrace The Postmodernists, Damn It!


Welcome to your very own, brand-new Commonwealth of Postmodernism. The early stages of Idiocracy. Coming to you right now … World’s first postmodern capitalism, Chalmers edition. Praised by WEF for phasing-out that pesky private property anomoly. Tax feels less like a lean social contract for essentials and more like big fat cannula in the vein draining away your life. Oh jooooy! Local...

CAPTION THIS: What is Malcolm Roberts Thinking?


Yesterday’s antics from “Senator” Lidia Thorpe were AOC-esque in their immaturity. This, we have come to expect from her as she blesses us in her last term. Little comment has been made that the woman standing next to the grovelling senator is the unyielding Senator Pauline Hanson (PHON, Qld), identified by her black and white shoes. But who’s that fella behind...

FRIDAY FUNNY: Cackling Kamala!


Enjoy! … or be deeply concerned.

Great Moments In Unintended Consequences


Friday Funny is here and I simply had to share this from Reason Magazine. Too good. What would the Australian version say? Let me know in the comments …

What is the Collective Noun for Politicians?


Behold. The Australian Parliament. Look at them closely. You can’t help but poke fun. Shorten nonplussed. Burney next to our flag for the first time? Gee lost. The symbolic lone mask! And who’s that texting during a photo shoot?So I ask you, on this our Friday Funnies ….What is the collective noun for politicians?Share your answer in the comments below …

She Hectored The Brits


Scotch College “Mean Girl” named P. WongIn Foreign Affairs not so long.She hectored the Brits,“Colonising half-wits!Your history is all bad and wrong.” Such charm and diplomacy rareThat the Brits to the door did repair.”We’ll take that on notice,Talk AUKUS with POTUSAnd let you know whether we care!”

Poet: 1. Dystopian AI: 0.


Kurt Mahlburg, avid Liberty Itch reader and man of Faith, was testing AI app ChatGPT for political bias and posted the results yesterday … Readers of Liberty Itch will know that I try to reserve Fridays for levity and satire as we head into the weekend. And the result of this test is anything but that.Well done to Kurt, for alerting us to the...

Just Another Day Battling A Government Agency

Rainwater Tank

I live on a farm. I’m water self-sufficient. Call me libertarian. So I wasn’t happy when I discovered that some sparrows had been flushed through my water catchment pipes to the top hatch of a rainwater tank. The overflow on this tank is set too high so that, when the water level is highest, the water laps through the hatch. Bottom-line? My...

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