How do the Australian Greens typically campaign for seats?

A. “For a caring society” and “people before profits”
B. “Higher wages and short hours” and “Ban the Melbourne Cup”
C. “Make landlords freeze rents” and “Force slumlords to make housing
D. “AUKUS puts a target on our back with China” and “Lets downgrade ADF
to peacekeeper status”
E. All of the above

How do the Australian Greens typically reply to a budget?

A. “What’s a budget”?
B. “There’s not enough spending to save the Leadbeaters possum”
C. “This whole budget is just for the ABC, correct?”
D. “Lift progressive tax rates on the rich to 100%”
E. All of the above

How do the Greens govern in the Australian Capital Territory?

A. Covets the Ministry for Gaming but wants horseracing banned
B. Hoards the Ministry for Consumer Affairs but doesn’t believe in consumer
choice or capitalism
C. Clutches the Attorney-General role but encourages trespass.
D. Demands the Ministry for Water and Energy but has never built a dam or a
power station
E. All of the above

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