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5 Quotes From Lord Jonathan Sumption

Lord Sumption

These five quotes are from a speech delivered on 13 October 2022 in Australia by The Right Honourable Lord Jonathan Sumption, former senior judge of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom. They go to explaining how our citizens invite authoritarianism, the cost of this, and what has held back despotism to date … “In modern conditions, risk-aversion and the fear...

Why Liberty Is Losing and What To Do About It


SETTING THE SCENE You could be forgiven for feeling despair at the state of Australian politics right now. Ditto for the West as a whole. Unfortunately, despair doesn’t take us where we need to go. There are four forces pulling us in the wrong direction at the moment. The quick summary is that the Liberty-Authority war is raging but Liberty is losing too...

What John Stuart Mill Says We Should Do Next


On Saturday, before the polls closed, I correctly predicted the Victorian election result. My forecast wasn’t genius. I’ve just been around politics a long, long time and see the perennial rules of the game. Knowing the result is the easy part. Discerning ‘why’, well, that’s another level of understanding again. TV, newspaper and social media pundits are already misconstruing the ‘why’. Even the Victorian...

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