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China’s Dystopia II: The Digital Panopticon


During my recent one-month stay in China's bustling metropolises, the omnipresence of technology, particularly WeChat (a “Super App” Elon Musk wants X to be for the West), was starkly evident. QR codes adorned nearly every surface, from restaurant menus to market stalls, making WeChat an indispensable part of daily life. The 'everything app' seamlessly integrates functions akin to WhatsApp,...

The Death of Li Keqiang

Li Keqiang

Li Keqiang, China’s former Prime Minister, passed away on 27th October 2023, at the age of 68. His death has plunged many in China and around the world into mourning, particularly those who supported his vision of greater economic freedom rather than increased state control in China, and towards more political diversity instead of ever-increasing centralised power. Li Keqiang was...

Laughing In The Face of Tyranny, $1 Million Bounty On Their Heads


Imagine you lived in Australia and enjoyed a great life. Then the government became tyrannical, you protested for democracy, but an anti-democratic security law was passed and you were intimidated and arrested. Released, you fled to New Zealand and were granted a visa there. But the Australian Federal Police placed a bounty on your head of $A190,202 (US$127,728) and...

INTERVIEW: Former Chinese Diplomat Embraces Liberty


Since a new Labor government in Australia was elected in 2022, there has been a warming trend in Australia-China relations. Our ministers are back engaging with Beijing officials and trips to China by our elected leaders are resuming. The CCP influence whistleblower, Sydney based former Chinese diplomat Mr Yonglin Chen, who defected to Australia in 2005, issued a warning many...

Betrayal for Bucks: A Seduction Story


If Foreign Interference is still a strange concept for laid-back Aussies, we will all soon be familiar with it – directed, supervised or financed foreign meddling and, unfortunately, citizens who knowingly assist with such foreign meddling for various reasons. The most common reason, of course, is financial benefits. And the most rampant meddler is not Iran, or even Russia, but Communist China,...

INTERVIEW: Undaunted, He Still Fights For Freedom


Australia is home to nearly 3,000 Tibetans. This number has increased steadily by around 100 new Tibetans a year. Almost all are on humanitarian visas. 3,000 is not a huge number, but it fills up the whole town of, say, McLaren Vale, a well-known wine-producing region in South Australia. Whilst it may sound quite cozy, the reality of life for these Tibetans, of...

GRAPHIC: Live, fatal organ extraction exposed


Prepare yourself. This interview is hard for sun-soaked Australians to comprehend. It’s a topic most of our politicians avoid. It’s too troubling. It opens a Pandora’s Box of questions, about humanity, ethics, complex interconnections, human rights, our future, and sickening expediency beyond our imagination. So, before the interview, Liberty Itch will step you through a quick, summarising primer. There is credible evidence that Australia’s #1...

China’s Covert Australian Ops


The Chinese Communist Party’s public diplomacy programs in Australia look innocent enough. From the delightful Wang Wang and Funi Event at the Adelaide Zoo, to the partially CCP-subsidised OzAsia Festival, from the more recent Chinese Music Performance at the Adelaide Town Hall to the 'Chinese Singing Competition' held at a South Australian university campus. Chinese culture is on display. This is...

Australia’s Taiwan Visit Sparks Ugly CCP Sabre-Rattling

Australian PM and Chinese President

This month, six members of Australia's federal parliament, composed of both Labor and Coalition members, visited Taiwan. This diplomatic excursion was organised by Liberal politician Scott Buchholz and involved former Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce, as well as Labor MPs Meryl Swanson and Libby Coker. Under intense pressure from the Chinese Communist Party and no doubt advised by the Department...

INTERVIEW: The CCP imprisoned him. She got him out!


If you listen to rare public forays by senior members of the security establishment, the spies and their agencies, we in the West are under threat from several fronts. Looming front and centre, they say, is an expansionary Chinese Communist Party. To be clear, Liberty Itch has no quarrel with the Chinese people. However, Liberty Itch is sceptical of government of...

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