Apparently, many are adding or removing Australian Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, from their Christmas card mailing list.

Here are the notable ten …

  1. Novak Djokovic, added. Despite new covid cases being less last year on 30 Dec 2021 at 33,811 when Mr. Djokovic was in Australia last and the numbers being higher now at 39,695 on 29 Dec 2022, the tennis superstar is just grateful to play in Adelaide and Melbourne. Logic? Huh! Plus, the PM overlooked that the ace still hasn’t had the jab. All cool Mr. Djokovic. All cool.

Andrew Gee, added. The obscure National MP who resigned to campaign for The Voice will need all the political friends he can get on the crossbench. Liberty Itch hears the last-term Member for Calare will be sitting snugly between Zali Steggall and Adam Bandt. Wowsers!

Kevin Rudd, removed. Despite the PM appointing him US Ambassador, the livid Mr. Rudd reportedly demanded Albo lobby the US President on his behalf for DNC Chair and UN Secretary-General too as part of a salary-stacking package. Air stewards understandably taking leave without pay to avoid the Brissie to DC route.

Jakob Stausholm, added. The Rio Tinto CEO is grateful for the $450 million government largesse to counter the coal and gas price caps. Public-private partnerships in a controlled economy. What could go wrong!

Justin Trudeau, removed. The Canadian PM reportedly ticked to learn Albo won the Xi Jinping Popularity contest at G20 Bali despite drawing on all his experience as a part-time drama teacher to strut his stuff and put on the theatrics on the world stage.

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Matt Keen, added. The NSW Liberal Deputy Leader enjoying an infatuation with the Labor PM over coal and gas price caps. Centralised command and control. A Modern Liberal’s delight. Merry Christmas.

Sanna Marin, removed. Finland’s social democratic PM disappointed that Australia is not weaning itself off CCP economic reliance. Who’s have imagined? Common sense.

Sanna Marin. Prime Minister. Finland.

Xi Jingping, reportedly added. Relieved. He’d take anyone after Scott Morrison.

Isai Ing-wen, added then removed. Any parliamentary delegation from Australia would have been welcomed by the Taiwanese President. Then Albo spoiled it by sending Barnaby.

Oil and Gas Protesters, removed. The PM is a climate-denying RWNJ, don’t you know.

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