There’s been a lot of talk about the US-Australian alliance, especially with AUKUS nuclear submarines attracting bi-partisan support in Australia.

Libertarians typically split on the issue of foreign affairs, geopolitics and military action.

(L to R) Australian PM Albanese, US President Biden, UK PM Sunak

Group one says we should maintain a self-reliant, self-defensive military and not engage in foreign entanglements. Adopting a non-interventionist policy in matters foreign, this school of thought argues alliances can put a target on our back so seeks to defend Australia if and only if directly attacked. For want of a better term, we’ll call them the “Neutrality” group.

Group two says free countries are rare, face authoritarian foes and Australia, a free nation, is vulnerable with its large coastline and sparsely-populated continent. Arguing for a robust military but knowing Australia can’t by itself defend such a land mass with few people, this school seeks foreign alliances, which include international obligations, to fully protect our freedoms. We’ll call them the “Alliances” group.

So, here’s the flash poll.

Do you support the United States-Australian military alliance?

Yes or no.

Once you’ve voted, I’ll share some thoughts on this.

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