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Alfred Deakin

Yeeks! The Numbers Don’t Lie

You and I can surely agree on a couple of points: First, free enterprise in a competitive market does 95% better in servicing the needs...

INTERVIEW: The CCP imprisoned him. She got him out!

If you listen to rare public forays by senior members of the security establishment, the spies and their agencies, we in the West are...

You’re The Voice

In a quiet moment today or even right now if that’s possible, read the lyrics below whilst watching this clip … and tell me...

On The Word ‘Liberal’

I’m a liberal. I’m a liberal in the 18th and 19th Century British sense of the word. I believe in free enterprise, laissez-faire economics, democracy, free...

VIDEO: Doing What’s Right!

A timely reminder about what’s at stake in Victoria … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDDQQWsvUl0

10 Funky Ideas To Move the Overton Window

It feels like we liberals are always on the back-foot. Here’s just a sample of what we face: Liberty Itch is a reader-supported publication. To receive...

Caught! CCP captured in media sting interfering in the Adelaide City Council elections

The Adelaide Advertiser has just broken a story which should shock you. At least two candidates in the Adelaide City Council elections are pro communist....

Twitter Can Now Fly

Two hours ago, Elon Musk’s long-anticipated acquisition of Twitter was completed. Hopes now run high that at least one social media platform can operate for...

Short Imagined Conversation with a Voice To Parliament Advocate

A Citizen (C) and a Voice To Parliament advocate (VtP) bump into each other. A conversation ensues ... C:           Hi there. What’s news? VtP:       We’re going...

There Is Hope. Check This Out …

If you consume any type of centre-right content, you could be forgiven for thinking the world is falling apart. There is problem-after-problem to fix. The...

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