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The Murder of Free Speech

One of the most famous lines of historical literature, and of life, was spoken by Shakespeare’s Hamlet as he sought to avenge the murder...

God and Government

“No gods, no masters” has been a popular anarchist phrase for over 500 years. Yet as society and culture becomes increasingly secular, authoritarianism has...

Geopolitics and The Non-Aggression Principle

For an example of how libertarians philosophically wrestle, behold this exchange between the Arizona Libertarians and Australian Brett Lombardi: It is eloquent in its brevity:...

The Rule of Law is Being Ignored by Conservatives

The High Court recently ruled that: - if immigration detention is not a practical step towards a person being removed from the country, the detention...

No, Men are not OK

As a society, we generally do not like to talk about suicide. And when we do, we tend to avoid a key issue –...

Exciting times ahead for uranium mining in Western Australia

During the 2017 WA election, McGowan’s Labor opposition campaigned hard to reinstate the ban on uranium mining. They followed through on this after winning...

Granny Basher’s Discharge Sends the Right Message

One year ago I made a young man famous. The video footage of the horrific political violence he perpetrated against a 71 year-old lady...

A Letter to My Kid’s Childcare Centre

Background: A few weeks ago, when dropping off my child at their childcare centre, I noticed something on the classroom whiteboard that I hadn't paid...

None of your Business

Housing affordability is a perennial issue that seems to be spilling over into the political domain in a way that is more divisive and...

The Everyday Libertarian

In today's politically charged atmosphere, evangelical libertarians often stray into polarising debates around topics like firearms or drug legalisation. Is there a subtler, more...

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Sacred Geese and Rousing Speeches

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