The Adelaide Advertiser has just broken a story which should shock you.

At least two candidates in the Adelaide City Council elections are pro communist. In fact, they’ve been colluding with the Chinese Communist Party and its consulate in Adelaide strategically located near defence facilities.

Here’s how the infiltration works:

Step 1 – “‘Incentivise the Labor and Liberal parties to allow international students resident in Adelaide to vote. Yes, you read correctly. Non citizens can vote!

Step 2 – Pay migration agents $8,000 for each Chinese student visa

Step 3 – Buy four apartment blocks and turn them into student accommodation

Step 4 – Run two CCP candidate plants in the Adelaide City Council election

Step 5 – Host lavish social events for Chinese students at the consulate

Step 6 – Encourage their co-operation for the two CCP candidates

Step 7 – Summons the slow or resistant students. Threaten retaliation against their families back home through the social credit surveillance system

Step 8 – Watch in amazement as Adelaide local council elections mail-in ballot voting is approved

Step 9 – Landlords of the four apartment blocks send mailbox keys to, and this is a euphemism, ‘officers’ from the consulate

Step 10 – (I’ll drop the euphemism) Spies from the consulate then use the keys to open all the mailboxes and harvest the ballot papers.

Having received a tip-off, enter the Adelaide Advertiser and their photographic evidence.

Three-hundred ballots is enough to swing a City of Adelaide Council seat in the ward in question.

Now the Department of Home Affairs, ASIO and the Australian Federal Police are involved.

And so they should.

Watch this story closely. Watch the money. Watch the apologists. Watch for consequences.

Lots of shenanigans going on with the CCP in Adelaide right now.

AUKUS nuclear submarines and US defence contractor presence, you see.

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